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Now making up 27% of all loans in Australia, Private Lending is a loan provided by an individual or organisation rather than a bank or credit-union. This type of loan offers greater flexibility and can be much more straightforward compared to traditional options. Villa Finance Group has great partnerships with a range of private lending organisations allowing us to offer a great deal of flexibility - especially if your situation is time-sensitive. If your application results in a ‘no’ from the bank, a private lender may say yes.


There are downsides to private lending, though. Most private loan offerings come with an ‘origination cost’ - These initial fees can be as high as 2-5% of the loan amount and are in addition to interest. Higher interest rates can also be a downside with rates ranging from 10-20% P.A. depending on a variety of factors. Private lenders tend to deal in short-term loans, typically requiring repayment in 6-12 months or possibly up to 2-3 years if they’re more accommodating.


Working with a diverse client base of people who are self-employed and running their own business, we know firsthand how difficult it can be to find finance on your own. Banks will often reject an application from a self-employed person even if they have regular income.


Self Declaration or Low Documentation loans are a great option if you haven’t had a regular income or are self-employed. When applying for traditional finance you will often be required to provide several years worth of payslips, bank statements and other financial records - certainly not practical if you have just started your business. This type of loan is based on your declared income and doesn’t penalise you for having an incomplete financial history in the same way a traditional loan product would.


A great retirement plan is essential in today’s economic climate. More and more Australians are opting for non-traditional super plans such as self managed super funds (SMSF). In fact, SMSFs make up roughly 25% of the super system. The main benefit of a SMSFs is that your super can be invested in a range of asset classes that typical superfunds may not offer such as property investment. Villa Finance Group caters to the executive investor, securing SMSF loans to make the most of your position. We integrate with your network of professionals acting as an extension of your advisory counsel. Villa Finance Group will find the right approach, establishing the return on investment and tax opportunities you need from your investment portfolio.


Being business owners ourselves, we understand there’s nothing more exciting than a new or expanding venture. To keep the ball rolling sufficient capital is a must. Commercial loans are a great way to open the door to a new premises or fill your existing one with the technology and tools that are fundamental to your operation. When it comes to acquiring commercial property you have a variety of options. You can buy in your business’s name and use your cash flow to build equity or alternatively, you can use a self managed super fund (SMSF) to purchase in your own name and have your business as the tenant. 


Sounds confusing? We know. Drop us a line and we will subtract complexity from the equation so you can be hands-on with the things that really matter in your business.


Refinancing isn’t a new concept but it certainly makes the media cycle every few years when there’s movement in the real estate market or interest rates. The process is straightforward, we take out a new loan better suited to your current circumstances and use it to pay off your old one. During this process we employ our industry expertise and expansive network of lenders to negotiate the best rate possible. A new loan can open up a world of possibilities: A family holiday that’s 4 years overdue, Renovations to make your current home your dream one or maybe just some more flexibility so you spend stress-free. Whatever the ‘why’, Villa Finance Group has the ‘how’.


It’s important to note that refinancing is not always suggested. In fact, sometimes refinancing will put you in a worse position than you were before. For example, if you already have the best option for your circumstances and refinance anyway you will trigger the closing costs on your existing loan to take out a near identical one - this doesn’t benefit anyone except the bank. If you think you’re paying too much on your current loan or are in need of more flexibility get in touch and we can assess your situation and offer our professional opinion.


Purchasing a home has a lot of associated costs and intimidating processes - even if it’s not your first time. It’s these challenges coupled with the overly complex nature of mortgages can make it feel like your dream is slipping further out of reach - no matter how hard you work. Villa Finance Group makes this process as simple as possible. We walk you through the buying process and get you pre-approved so you can make an offer with confidence once you have found your dream home. We’re proud of our customer service which extends past the initial purchase - we are ready to help you 1, 5 or even 20 years down the track should you need us.


We have experience with all types of borrowers - whether you’re looking for your first place to call home or are adding yet another property to your investment portfolio. We leverage our decades of collective experience and lender partnerships to access and compare hundreds of loan products for you.




Looking for a short-term, personal or business loan? Our advanced, AI-powered loan calculator takes your unique circumstances and matches you with the best options from over 60 different lenders. Whether you're looking to replace an aging vehicle or access essential equipment to expand your business, our convenient calculator can help.

Simply enter your information and you can be pre-approved in under an hour.

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